Elite Events

Know what happened on site.

Document & Record staff activities, interactions, problems, risk items.

Ideal for cleaning, security, facilities management, staff tracking.

Powerful databasing, analysis and reporting.

Integrated into AtSite and WebEye for ease of use.

Managed in WebEye. No device setups required.

Elite-ID makes it easy.

Discover the power of Elite Events.

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Record Staff Activities

AtSite Events users record site issues with photos and extra information during their work. Data is sent to the cloud for analysis and reporting.

Benefit at Every Level

Understand site issues. Event data may provide evidence for diligence, contract compliance, litigation and business development marketing.

An Ideal Integration

Understanding site issues has never been easier. AtSite Events and Nexus-WebEye work together to make the process efficient and seamless, easing setup and training.

The Ideal Workforce Enhancement

Elite Events data collection provides business intelligence – know what happened where and when.

How do your staff document new graffiti? What about a blocked sink? A needle pickup, a slip and trip injury, a spill pickup?

Then, how is this managed, are stakeholders informed, can you easily generate reports and perform analysis to see trends? Can you show this in conjunction with your staff tracking attendance data?

AtSite Events do all this in the best possible way. Easily. Effectively. Powerfully. Fully integrated with AtSite and WebEye in the Colud.

Events - AtSite - WebEye

Staff using AtSite press the Events button, select the type of event, optionally take a photo and input extra information then send it to WebEye.
WebEye eMails stakeholders, stores the data for later retrieval and lets you securely add extra information as required.
Full function reporting, analysis, presenting your Event data in conjunction with attendance data gives unique insights into what is happening at your sites.

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