WebEye Maps

Graphically show staff tacking data on floor plan maps. Show who was where and when.

Easily see where staff were at any date and time on a graphical floor plan map.

Make better decisions more quickly with easy to understand data presentation.

Seamlessly integrated with AtSite, Events and Classic Wand data.

Easy to setup, quick to use and manage.

WebEye Maps.
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Managing Maps

Select a center, upload maps for it then assign locations to maps. Done. We provide the tools and support to make it easy.

WebEye Integration

All Wand and Atsite staff tracking data can be displayed on maps. Just select the center, the map, then the date and time. Done.

Maps + Events + AtSite

Full integration across all logging products retains the value of your data with new innovations. Additionally, Event data and perfermance metrics will soon be shown on maps.

WebEye Maps - Better Information Faster

WebEye Maps are designed to easily show staff attendances at locations on your sites.

Integrated into WebEye, it has never been easier to see and understand staff attendances.

For example, last Tuesday at 11:35, who was where and when? WebEye Maps answer this question in seconds.

Next, can you tell me how many Events happened at each location last month? WebEye Maps will!

Innovation, Service and Support

Maps & their integration with Events and Attendance data are an ideal addition to WebEye.

Since 1999 Elite-ID have provided staff tracking solutions. Our customer focused service and support helps achieve the best possible outcome.

Elite-ID and WebEye reporting innovations have led the industry time and again for features and reporting. Ongoing and continual R&D ensures Elite-ID solutions remain current, protecting your investment.

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