Nexus WebEye

A Cloud database and reporting system, key to Attendance Verification and Event tracking.

Store and report on Staff Attendance data and Event information from AtSite.

Integrated with AtSite and Classic Wand Systems.

WebEye features powerful analytic reports giving unique insights into Staff and the issues they face.

Best of all – easy to use with full support.

Store & Access Staff Data in the Cloud.

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Reporting Analytics

Extract value from your staff tracking data with an extensive range of powerful reports. Use WebEye powerful and unique reports for insights into your workforce.

Group Work

Save time and money. Connect stakeholders with controlled safe access to your data easily and quickly. Take advantage of automated reports to reduce effort and aid collaboration.

Elite Support

WebEye is a Cloud service with full support. We help you extract value from your data. Elite-ID assist with setup and ongoing use of the system.

Managing And Using Your Data

The only thing worse than not being able to extract value from your data is not having it. Nexus WebEye solves both these issues.

Staff Attendance data from cleaner tracking, security guard tracking, facilities management, Wand Data and AtSite Data are all stored in Nexus-WebEye.

An extensive range of automated reports give in-depth understanding of your workforce and the issues they are presented with.

Features include Events, Graphical Maps, Automation, an extensive Knowledge Base – and much more.

Full Range of Service & Support

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Elite-ID commenced trade in 1999 with our own purpose designed and programmed systems. Our knowledge is available to you. Our wand systems are integrated into WebEye and we still support them at every level.

Nexus WebEye was introduced in 2009. It has grown and expanded, supporting the needs of business for reliable and ongoing access to critical data. We have a huge user and experience base to draw from.

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