Staff Tracking

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We provide:-

  • Cleaner & Guard Tracking,
  • Facility Monitoring and Management,
  • Contract Compliance Measurement,
  • Measure Service Delivery,
  • Measure Performance,
  • Record Site Event issues,
  • Checklists for specialist area servicing,
  • Data for Public Liability Defense,
  • Cloud Analytics with automation.

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Effective & Efficient Staff and Work Flow Tracking
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Cleaner Tracking

Public Liability and contract compliance are huge risk areas for contractors. Tracking staff then using analytics to ensure compliance can help mitigate risk.

Guard Tracking

Guards giving Security its visible presence are critical to protecting assets and people. All stakeholders use Cloud based automated analytics, exception reports, guard tour reports.

Cloud Analytics

Use powerful Cloud based analytics to engage all stakeholders in the process of monitoring and managing staff. Be alert to site issues using Events to document issues.

Collect - Measure - Manage - Benefit

Collect movement data in real time as staff do their jobs, all without distraction or effort.

Record information about site issues “Events” – and quickly fill out checklists documenting work done. Collect inspection data, management instructions, collate and record.

Measure performance using best of breed analytic reports in the Cloud. Connect stake holders. Use automated reports. Produce data for risk management.

Extract benefit from data. Know when performance issues arise and take action to mitigate problems before they arise. Manage with knowledge.

Use your data to reduce effort – reduce risk – improve business.

Your First Choice : Elite-ID

Staff Tracking, also known as Attendance Verification, is our core business. Since 1999. We design, develop and continually upgrade our systems.

We provide no cost expert consultancy combined with a range of solutions to fit the needs of cleaning contractors, security contractors and facilities management.

Our powerful Cloud based analytic reporting produces in depth insights with a high level of automation.

Service, Support, Ease of use and Risk Management have been key driving factors for our users.

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