Big News. WebEye & Android Update This Week

AtSite and WebEye are the simplest and easiest systems to use and maintain for staff attendance tracking. Our core focus is streamlined collection of data with least possible user disruption. Updates to Android, iOS, WebEye and AtSite happen regularly.

We are updating both AtSite and WebEye to vastly improve data collection for Events, and make it easy.

The All New Events are now integrated into WebEye giving significant benefit.

For AtSite users, it is simple and quick to use. For management, WebEye controls everything, setup is flexible and we’ve included options to make it fast and easy with links to knowledge base articles.

What can we use Events for?

  • Record all your spill and cleanup information,
  • Record security issues, break-ins, intruders, threats, police call outs, much more,
  • Record facilities, plumbing, electrical, HVAC issues, and more,
  • Selected events can generate automatic multiple emails, all under your control,
  • It all happens in real time, stay on top of site issues,
  • Document special instructions, work caused by others, problems and issues,
  • Document incidents for later retrieval and reporting,
  • Search, filter, compare, email, add free form notes, pictures, and more,
  • Produce statistics on your activities and do comparisons,
  • Document work done for later billing,
  • Identify problem areas, produce evidence, track trends,
  • Export to CSV for spreadsheet analysis and charting,
  • Assist marketing, contract retention, present information to clients.

In the coming days WebEye and AtSite for Android and the knowledge base will all be updated.

We’ve been testing the new Events system for the last 6 weeks, adding features and making sure it is a valuable addition for all our clients.

This is a significant update for Elite-ID and WebEye. We are expanding and moving into information collection, facilities management, and value adding.

We are not stopping here of course. Other major updates are in development.


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