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Events – a powerful AtSite feature

What are AtSite Events?

AtSite Events document something. Events let you record issues, incidents, instructions from clients, facilities issues, accidents. Anything that happens can be documented and recorded for later.

Think of it as an information system for WebEye and AtSite.

We highly recommend that AtSite Events are used. There is no added cost, it is easy to setup and use, and the long term information storage and retrieval will prove valuable.

Here is a quick start article on setting up Events.

What Value Is There To Events?

Can you tell me how many spills were cleaned up at a location, last year, in seconds?

Can you produce a list of the types of spills and their frequencies and compare year to year and from center to center?

What about slip and trip injuries. How many happened and where?

Security users gain the same benefits. What happened on site that was notable? Intruders? Where and When? What about police call outs? Injuries? Perimeter issues?

Security and cleaning users can generate Events about a facility, such as leaks or blockages or maintenance required. These are recorded and can optionally trigger and email to maintenance departments.

Security are often the first to find a problem on site. Using Events to notify management is good business sense.

Security managers can use Events to lookup site issues – from anywhere. If you are a security manager talking to a client, you can lookup site issues during a discussion. You can optionally give clients access to parts of the Events system.

The AtSite and WebEye system does all this, and much more, and does it easily.

An overview;

  • Record all your spill and cleanup information.
  • Document slip and trip injuries, add notes, photos.
  • Record security issues, break-ins, intruders, threats, police call outs, much more.
  • Record facilities problems, plumbing, electrical, HVAC issues, and more.
  • Document work done for later billing.
  • Document special instructions, work caused by others, problems and issues.
  • Document incidents for later retrieval and reporting.
  • Selected events can generate automatic multiple emails, all under your control.
  • It all happens in real time, stay on top of site issues.
  • Search, filter, compare, email, add free form notes, pictures, and more.
  • Produce statistics on your activities and do comparisons.
  • Identify problem areas, produce evidence, track trends.
  • Export to CSV for spreadsheet analysis and charting.
  • Assist marketing, contract retention, present information to clients.

How Do Staff Create An Event in AtSite?

It is quick and easy.

  • When logging data, press the “Events” button.
  • Make sure the center and locations to assign the Event to are selected.
  • Select the event from the list.
  • Optionally add some extra text, notes, in the text area.
  • Optionally add a photo.
  • Press Send. Done.

Once you press “Send” the information is either sent direct to WebEye for delivery to your configured email addresses -or- it is saved in your device for delivery when the internet is available.

If Events are meant to trigger emails (configured in WebEye) they will be sent as soon as the Event is received.

Can WebEye Users Add Events and Update Events?

Yes to both. This is really useful.

Users can document CMO requests, requests from clients, requests from management and update existing Events with new information.

Adding an Event in WebEye:

  • Go to Manage Events
  • Select “New Event” then fill out the details, press “Add” when done.

To Add Notes or Photos to an exiting Event:

  • Go to Mange Events.
  • Find the event; search by date, type of event, location, center etc.
  • Use the “View” option. Fill out any new information.
  • Attach any new photos.
  • Press “Add Note” when done.

Can Events Be Emailed From WebEye?

Yes. And easily.

  • Go to manage events.
  • Find the Event, search for it, press view.
  • On the right hand side near the bottom, setup an email address, add subject and other information.
  • Press Send.

How Are Events Configured?

Everything is setup in WebEye. Events are controlled by Center.

  • Go to Manage Centers.
  • Select a center and use View.
  • Down the bottom, use “List Center Events” and in there select which are enabled for this site.
  • Click on “Recipients” to assign email addresses.
  • Use the “Copy Events From” to copy from one center to another. This makes it a LOT faster. Setup one center. Copy to others.
  • Use “Copy Recipients From” to copy from one Event to another. Again, this helps make the process much faster.

Each center is individually configured for which events your staff can create. There are 10 categories and 10 event codes per category. You can enable or disable whichever events you want staff to use.

Limiting events that staff can generate means they must stay with their job roles and competencies and also reduces the list they use to select an event when they create one. This makes it easier for them.

Each event may have an optional email address for a recipient, or more than one if required. For example, a critical event such as a slip and trip injury would trigger an email to a supervisor and maybe head office staff.

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