Wand Systems

Ideal for cleaner tracking and guard tour. Designed by Elite-ID for simple robust logging of iButtons, and the Elite-ID Voyager RFID systems.

  • iButton & custom RFID wands.
  • Integrated into WebEye in the Cloud.
  • Long service life.
  • Simple operation.
  • Robust and maintainable.

WebEye compatible

Upload and manage your data In WebEye for best of breed reporting.

Simple Operation

Charge, carry, touch onto iButtons, log RFID points in passing, empty by touching onto XL-Unloader.

Flexible use

Used in a range of industries needing simple logging attendance data, often in harsh conditions.

Long life

Wands built in 1999 still in use. Long service life with maintainable design protects your investment.

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