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Maps Overview

WebEye Maps Overview

This upgrade to WebEye went live 29 April 2019.

WebEye Maps shows your data graphically on floor-plan maps.

The benefit of this is that it allows you to quickly see a snapshot of staff attendances at locations at a date and time.

For example you can answer these questions;

  1. Who was where and when on a date at a time,
  2. Show me where one job function (security for example) was at a center at a date and time,
  3. Show one user’s attendances at locations,
  4. Show how many times each location was attended up to a time on a date,
  5. Show the number of minutes to the prior attendance at a time.

What Do Maps Show?

For Attendance data, a small “Tile” is put onto the map at all the locations you’ve setup.

This shows;

  1. The Name of the Location
  2. The logged data date and time of the last attendance,
  3. The time at the location (between a log0in and a log-out). Usually with an ‘s’ after it,
  4. The number of attendances up to that time for the day,
  5. The number (in brackets) of minutes between the last attendance and the one prior to that.

How is this done – From setup to Reporting?

It is quite simple.

  1. Load floor plan “JPG” type Maps into WebEye for your center,
  2. Assign locations to each map,
  3. Use the “Maps” report in the reporting section,
  4. Select a center, a Map, then a date and time,
  5. Press “Go” and the map will be generated.

You will see the floor plan Map. Then on it, on each location you setup, the last attendance prior to the time is shown, along with the number of attendances up to that time, and the minutes gap between the shown attendance and the one previous.

How Can This Be Used?

Example-1. You have a slip and trip injury. Run the Maps report at the date and time of the injury. It will show all locations and when they were last attended, who was there, and the number of minutes to the previous to that attendance.

Example-2. You want to check a site at a peak time when you are concerned that some locations may not have been attended. Select the date, the time, then the center and map. You will see each location, when it was last attended, the number of times attended that day up to that time, then the minutes since attended the previous time.

Example-3. You want to see a snapshot of one staff member attendance at locations. Select the center, the map, the staff member and date and time. The map will show their last attendances, number of times they attended for the day till then, and the number of minutes to the attendance prior.

Example-4. You install a system. You want to test it. Walk the site as a cleaner or guard or other staff would do. Then use the maps report BUT select just yourself or the logger you used. The map will show your attendances as you walk the site (same as example-3 above).


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