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Assignment Date

Assignment Date

Nexus-WebEye depends on the “Assignment Date” to show you where a serial number is when it is logged. There are 3 assignment dates, “Start” and “End” and “Latest.”

These are used by WebEye to move data between centers. For exaple, if you move a serial number from one center to another, you can “End” the data going to the old center, then “Start” it at the new. If this is the latest assignment ie becomes the “Latest.”

In this way you can move your resources around inside WebEye.

Assignment Start Date

This specifies from when a serial number (iButton or PipTag) will be registered at a location.

Data before this date will not show up at this location. It will either be at another location or in the Review Imports section and showing as not assigned to a location.

Data after this date will be shown at this location unless the serial number is assigned elsewhere (with another Assignment Start Date).

Assignment End Date

Data past this day will not be assigned to this location (unless there is another start for this location).

So, data after this location goes elsewhere and will show elsewhere on a report.

Latest Assignment

This is critical. If data is logged “Now” then the latest assignment date is where data will show up on a report on a center and location.




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