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Manage Maps

Manage WebEye Maps

This section loads Maps into WebEye then lets you configure your locations on those maps.

Rest assured, it is quick and easy. You won’t get bogged down in this process.

When yu go into “Manage Maps” you are shown a list of all your centers.

You can filter the list by entering part of a name and pressing the search button.

On the right hand side is the ‘View’ link with each center. Click that for a center you want to inspect or setup.

Where Do I Get Maps From?

Great question and undoubtedly something you are concerned about. In reality it is easy.

All shopping centers have maps on their websites. They do this to make it easier for customers.

Here are the steps;

  1. Use Google. Find the Center. Go to the WebSite of the center,
  2. Search for the floor plan map. All centers have one. It shows entrances, shops, streets etc,.
  3. Press “Shift-Print-Screen” – this copies the computer screen to the clipboard,
  4. Get into your favourite graphics program. We use “IrfanView” – it is free and easy to use. You can download it in seconds from the internet,
  5. Go to Edit. Then select Paste. The screen should fill with the scvreen image from step 3,
  6. You don’t want the whole screen. You just want the piece that shows the floor plan,
  7. Use your mouse,
    1. Go to the top left hand corner of the image you want to keep,
    2. Press down the left mouse button,.
    3. Swipe right and down,
    4. Release when you havbe bracketed the piece you want to keep,
    5. Press control-Y  (this is an IrfanView command to cut out the piece you have bracketed,
    6. It you make a mistake… no problem.. go to Edit and use Paste again!
  8. Press the “Save” icon when you have what you want on the screen,
    1. Select a place you can find later. Suggest the Desktop,
    2. Give the image a sensible name. This is important,
    3. Tell it to save in JPG format.

–done —

Load Map Into WebEye

Maps must be in JPG format. That’s why the step above saved it that way.

In Manage maps,

  1. Click on the ‘View’ link on the right hand side for the map you want to import for,
  2. The screen opens up to the main setup screen,
  3. At the top on the right hand side, make sure ‘add map’ is shown,
  4. Below that there is a browse button. Use that,.
    1. Find your map and select it,
    2. Near that you must entere the name of the map. It can be different to the file. We did this to make it easy to setup sensible sounding map names for later,
  5. press ‘Add’ when you are happy with the name.


Setup Locations On a Map

This is particularly easy. And quick.

The only hard part is to know where the locations actually are on the map. If you haven’t been to the center, you may need to refer to the center website or call someone on site to find out.

Here is how you setup a location onto a map. If you make a mistake, it is particularly easy to fix.

  1. In the list of locations, select one,
    1. Location You have not allocated will show “unallocated” so you know which ones need to be setup,
  2. On the left hand side, move the cursor over the map to where the location is,
    1. Left click it,
    2. On the right hand side, you’ll see the co-0ordinates have been filled in. Click Update and they are saved. DONE for this location,
  3. If you need to change a location,
    1. just select it in the list,
    2. Move the cursor on the left hand side to where it should be,
    3. Click on it,
    4. Then Click Update. The location icon image will move,
    5. Done!

That is it for manage maps. You can add, remove, setup locations and update locations if things change.

Finding maps and making them compatible may take a few minutes but you will get very used to doing it.

If in doub’t as always, please call Elite-ID and we’ll help.


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