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WebEye – Introduction

WebEye Staff Data Cloud database

Nexus-WebEye is used by leading cleaning, security, facilities management and other companies to store their valuable location attendance staff tracking data. All Elite-ID products integrate their data into WebEye giving users the ability to effectively analyze their data and manage their staff.

Industry Leading Reports

No other Attendance Verification system for staff gives such a depth of analytic, graphic, useful reports.

Time is money, your staff are busy, how do you make the best possible use of your staff? Answer: use WebEye automatic reports to measure and show performance sent via automatic email. Your goal is to lift staff supervision with the least possible effort and ensure supervision is made as easy as possible. WebEye does this.

Automatic Reporting

WebEye reports can be set for repeated future generation and then emailed on a schedule. This produces no-effort reporting.

When this is coupled with the powerful analysis within WebEye reports, your management and staff at the work-face can be kept informed with the least possible effort and disruption to their time.

Loading Data into WebEye

AtSite automatically inserts data into WebEye. As soon as your logging device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone) has internet access, data will be uploaded to WebEye in Real Time. Nothing comes close to this ease of use and simplicity.

Classic Wand systems, XL-Wands for iButtons and Radio Wands for both RFID and iButtons upload via a PC and support programs. Soon after uploading, data is available for reports.


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