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Getting Started

Getting Started With Staff Tracking

Here we help you implement a staff tracking solution so that you can;

  • measure performance of staff at selected locations,
  • prove attendance,
  • and have data for contractual or public liability issues.

Alternatively, please call Elite-ID or email us. Describe your requirement and we’ll answer your questions and give you the best options to suit your needs.

Initial Planning

First of all, decide on the technology you’ll be using.

Then determine the numbers of logging points (we usually call locations) that your staff need to attend.

Then count the number of people logging data at the same time.

Finally you will have a complete list of equipment required.

Selecting A Technology

AtSite and iBeacons are ideal for shopping centers and anywhere that non-contact proximity logging is required. It has the absolute least staff disruption and collects the most information with least effort. Added features such as “Events” which record staff issues is a huge bonus.

Classic Wand solutions offer contact based attendance tracking. You know someone had to be precisely where the contact point is to create the logging data. It is ideal for security companies and applications where a lot of location points are used infrequently.

Both technologies use Nexus-WebEye for reporting.

  • AtSite uploads directly via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data,
  • Classic Wands require a PC to extract data then send it to WebEye in the cloud.

Determining the Number of Logging Points

It is vital that each logging point “tells a story” about staff attending that location. The location should prove something. It should indicate that staff provided a required service.

It may be to check the location for any of a number of reasons;

  • clean and safe for the public (cleaning),
  • or that a door is locked, or window or graffiti check (security),
  • the location has a history of neglect,
  • the location is a high risk area,
  • or that some equipment is operating properly (facilities management and maintenance).

For cleaning, it is typical to select all entrances, any fresh food areas, food courts, larger malls, toilet blocks and any other locations that may require staff logging. The goal is to show diligence.

For security, a contractor will typically log at entrance doors, perimeter fences, any area where intruders may gain access.

Facilities management have used Elite-ID products on conveyors, cooling and heating systems, in plant rooms, at locations where service people must attend.

Determine The Number of Staff

This is easy. Hoe many staff at any one time will be logging data?

This determined the number of loggers which can be classic wands, or iPods or Android phones for example.

The Complete List

Technology; if AtSite, then you need WiFi or 3G/4G internet and Android or iPod loggers. If Classic wands you will need a PC and internet and an XL-Unloader.

Number of logging points; this is the number of beacons or iButtons you require.

Number of staff; tells you the number of loggers or classic wands.

Finally – call Elite-ID. We’ll check everything for you and advise on the easiest solution available.


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