Elite-ID Privacy Policy

Elite-ID Electronic Systems herein known as Elite-ID value everyone’s rights to privacy.

We collect data required for Elite-ID to use for business to business communication and for website optimisation and analytic based improvement using google search console and similar services.

Where we collect name and company information, this is for internal use only for mail outs and for acceptable business to business contact. We do not sell, lease, release or disclose client information to third parties. You may opt out of receiving email and other communications from us at any time by contacting Elite-ID.

We collect data from logging devices you or your employees and delegates use and this is stored as per our web service known ad Nexus-WebEye or just WebEye.

We undertake to protect and secure your data and ensure its timely accessibility to you and your delegates. We cannot be held responsible for events outside our control such as and not limited to data centre outrages, fires, communication company outages and the like.

We undertake to make ourselves available to assist you with issues that may arise, and to perform such actions as are required to assist with your data collection, storage and analysis.

Terms Of Use and Fit For Purpose

By using Elite-ID products and services you accept the terms of use outlines herein.

All Elite-ID products are sold, distributed and used as they are and Elite-ID shall not be liable for damages caused by their use.

All goods and services may or may not be updated, changed, improved or otherwise modified from time to time.

We undertake to take every reasonable care and precaution to ensure all goods and services are of merchantable quality and fit for purpose as is set out in this website.

However and ultimately it is up to the end user to ensure this is the case before purchase. All use-cases have differences which may or may not impact the use of Elite-ID products.

Elite-ID may be contacted for demonstrations, free samples, for demonstration accounts, for printed material to assist end users in making their selection before purchase.

End users are required to take every care with Elite-ID products and services to ensure their correct operation. This includes but is not limited to user training, selection of passwords, battery charging and taking care of products, passwords, login details and the like.

Website Trackers and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Elite-ID do not use trackers delivered by website or other services.

The compliance of Elite-ID website has been checked at the time of publishing and a “Low” level of risk has been reported at the date of this document.

Elite-ID Data Collection and Usage

To aid our users Elite-ID will from time to time inspect logged data and offer improvement suggestions, assist with problems, check system integrity, design new systems and reports and the like.

Data logged by Elite-ID clients belongs to those clients and is not sold or leased to third parties.

Information such as movement information, login and logout by staff and similar is part of the Elite-ID system. This is available only within the Elite-ID reporting system Nexus-WebEye and only to registered and authorised company users. This is a standard facility used for monitoring and measuring employee performance.

Data Collection Methods And Storage

Website information for business to business contact through a contact form is stored on internal data processing equipment at Elite-ID and not available to third parties.

Information about staff tracking is collected using Elite-ID products and services such as Data Wands and AtSite App and the like. Collection data includes information about login, logout, position from staff tracking information, photos of events and descriptions and the like are all standard services for Elite-ID products.

Elite-ID and Nexus-WebEye service may or may not use industry standard cookies for functionality and to improve the user experience. You may set your browser to ignore cookies but this may cause issues with our website and other services.

Google and other information service providers may or may not store your IP address. Elite-ID use google analytic and ad-words facilities which may use such information. Information about their privacy policies will be available on their websites.

If you are concerned that your data may be used in some way not given above, please contact Elite-ID for us to discuss.

Data Retention, Access and Contact

Elite-ID store client information and logged data as required for regular business activities. We will delete and or remove access to stored data on request.

We do not make your data available to third parties without your written consent.

Elite-ID may contact you from time to time as is compatible with acceptable and normal business practices.

Elite-ID may send promotional information, product setup information and verification, phone calls for follow up and support.

You may opt out by contacting Elite-ID.

Data Safety and Security

Elite-ID store and backup your data in Amazon servers in Australia and America. Website analytic information is stored in Google. For more information on these services, please see the relevant websites for Amazon and Google.

The Right for Elite-ID To Change

As time passes and in normal business practice Elite-ID reserves the right to change as is required, from time to time.

Any such changes will be addressed in this privacy policy and documented in the Elite-ID website.

Should you be concerned about this privacy policy or any aspect of change or product service or availablility, please contact Elite-ID.

Intellectual Property, Ownership and Rights

Information, techniques, commercial practices and intellectual property released by any means from Elite-ID shall always remain the property of Elite-ID Electronic Systems.

Users of Nexus-WebEye, the Elite-ID website all do so under the assumption of fair use and the acknowledgement of copyright materials.

Elite-ID forbid the use of images or videos of the use of Elite-ID products or services without the written consent of Elite-ID.

Document Date

18 April 2019

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