deriving benefit

  • Contract compliance.
  • Risk management (monitoring).
  • Remote staff monitoring.
  • Event recording for site issues.
  • Data analytics & automated reporting.
  • Staff attendance measurement.
  • Risk Reduction.
  • Effective staff utilization.

Contract Compliance

Many cleaning and security contracts require staff attendance reports to show contract compliance.

Elite-ID products and services provide the information you need.

Performance Measurement

Measuring staff performance combined with powerful reporting gives management insights.

Risk Management

Reduce risk by measuring staff performance, then manage staff attendances to meet contract requirements. This may affect insurance, litigation.

elite-id services


We developed our own systems in 1998 and since then have been heavily involved in the cleaning and security industries. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and honest advice. We love a challenge.


Elite-ID Manufacture iButton Wands, long range RFID Wands, the Cloud database Nexus-WebEye and its companion App for smartphones, AtSite.

ongoing support

We’ve been servicing and supporting wand and beacon systems since 1998. All our systems work together.

We’re here to help you.

elite expertise

The connected planet

Fast delivery

We can usually ship orders within a day or two, and for some orders, same day. Phone support is often done in minutes and we do our best to keep you moving.

problem resolution

Got a problem? Let us know. We know our systems as after all, we built them from the ground up. Talk to us, we like to help.

onsite service

Australia is a big country and we've traveled over most of it for our clients. If you have a special need, talk to us, we may be visiting your area soon, or can arrange for a contractor to help you.

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