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Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance – Keeping Contracts

Contracts for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars usually have a high labor cost associated with them. Attendance Verification becomes very important with large contracts.

To ensure this labor is actually delivered and that it is applied effectively, many contracts now call for electronic reporting of staff attendance. This is called ‘Attendance Verification.’ You can use this to work for you.

Keeping Contracts Requires Ongoing Effort

Contracts are often won and lost on the price quoted. Management organizations like to pay the least that they can.

However, there always gets a point where, if performance is not adequate, a contract will be terminated.

This is where Elite-ID can help.

Using Attendance Verification, you are able to ensure that your labor is being spent where and when it should be and you can reassure your clients they are getting what they are paying for.

Next, if you have a superior service and can prove it, then it may make winning new contracts easier. It can also help retain contracts when you demonstrably show you are compliant.

Moving forward, using the events system to show how your staff are dealing with day to day issues, their quantity and severity, all adds to your company profile of performance.

Why Is It Called Attendance Verification?

This is the generic term. We are showing that a staff member attended a location at a date and time. We are verifying it.

Other common terms used are ‘guard tour’ and ‘staff tracking’ and similar. ‘Wand System’ is another common name.

A Trial Is Always Good

We have been in business since 1999 and we know how and where our products work best. We are totally happy to advise and assist wherever we can.

How do you know the system is going to work and do what you want? New users of Elite-ID products often ask this exact question – and quite rightly so. With contracts depending on the data, and with a reputaiton at stake, a trial is recommended.

Typical trials use a few logging points, Beacons usually, then track a few staff in the usual course of their activities.

Please contact us for more information and assistance. We will support you.

Follow The Win-Win Strategy

Measuring performance, ensuring your performance meets your contractual goals gives you multiple “wins” and aids your business;

  • You may retain contracts easier because you can prove you are meeting contract requirements,
  • You should have less labor related risk-issues as your labor is efficiently managed and utilized,
  • You may be able to win new contracts easier as you have a record of good performance,
  • It is possible that insurance claims, excesses, payouts in general will reduce in a risk management / public liability situation.




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