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Elite-ID Will Help You

Staff Attendance, Tracking, Performance Measurement

It’s undeniable that ‘technology marches on’ and those left behind will be doomed to obscurity. New products, new services, new ways of doing things all contribute to making a company more profitable and reducing risk. Staff labor costs are often the greatest cost to a business, and the way staff are used can make or break any business.

Elite-ID will help you to meet the challenges in managing tracking and your staff, reducing risk, and measuring performance and ultimately help with risk management.

How do you prove you are meeting your contractual requirements? How do you reduce risk and have attendance information available in the event of litigation? How do you measure and show diligence? This is where Elite-ID will help you. It is what we do.

With 20 years of experience of supplying Attendance Verification systems to cleaning, security, and other service industries, Elite-ID is uniquely placed to assist companies with their staff tracking and data management needs.

We are not limited to just being manufacturers of products either. We talk to our clients, we listen to their needs and we make every effort to ensure our products best suit the needs of our valued clients.

How Elite-ID will help you

We offer no cost consultation. Just call us to discuss your needs. When you install a system, we will be there for you.

* Recommend the best products and services for your needs.

* Attend site and install equipment then train staff.

* Assist with recommending reports, analyzing data, provide ongoing service and support.

* Repair and maintain your equipment – preserve your investment.

History Matters

We have been doing this since 1999. Why don’t you join Australia’s largest cleaning and security companies in choosing Elite-ID for your Attendance Verification needs.


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