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AtSite – Introduction

AtSite Introduction – Staff Tracking For Your Smartphone

AtSite is an App for your smart phone. It is used by thousands of staff around Australia and internationally to record staff movements. The data is used for risk management, for optimizing staff performance, for checking that staff are patrolling where they should.

Additionally, AtSite now collects information about staff activities. Events document staff activity “issues” making it a valuable resource for proof of work done, litigation, business development and can assist with client relations.

AtSite for Tracking Staff and Their Activities

Tracking staff attendance provides a record of diligence. It shows where and when staff perform their duties. We now also track what they do.

Typical applications are for tracking cleaning staff, maintenance staff, couriers, facilities management staff, guards and guard tours.

Staff are the life-blood of any organization. It is staff who perform the work and their effort directly impacts business performance. They are the visible face of any company. Tracking their work, tracking issues on site, knowing what is happening even on unsupervised sites only brings beneft.

Staff tracking is often a contractual requirement. The data is ideal for business improvement and optimization, and in the event of litigation.

What did staff do? How did they make an area safe? What happened in the area? Understanding risk and cost is enhanced by knowing issues, or as we call them Events which can have a significant impact on a business. Events can be anything to do with a facility, cleaning, security, or any other occurrence that staff attend to.

Events are integrated directly into AtSite and also into WebEye.

Events are ideally used to document work done and any problems. Events can automatically send emails to stakeholders ensuring up to the minute information is available with least effort and disruption. Best of all, it is quick and easy tosetup and use with plenty of WebEye reporting options.

With Elite-ID AtSite you can:

  • Know where staff were, and when.
  • Record staff Events – issues – problems – information, easily and quickly.
  • All with least staff disruption.
  • Then provide powerful data analysis, reporting, and automation features.
  • Consult with Elite-ID to customize for the ideal solution for your application.

Elite-ID AtSite is an App for your iPod, iPhone or Android Phone

AtSite app is used to record when staff pass beacons. It records the signal from the beacon, along with the date and time then when able, sends the data to Nexus-WebEye in the cloud.

Users of AtSite can also create Events as they are performing their duties. These document work practices and are a worthwhile facility. Events are quick and easy to create, can include a photo and some further information, and are an ideal way to document staff work done.

How Do We Get Started?

Use the Contact form on this WebEye, email or phone Elite-ID.

We will help you design the best and most cost effective solution for your needs.

What Are Events? More Information.

Events are used to record something that happened. For example, a slip and trip injury / cleaning up a spill / graffiti being found / a leaking tap / a special instruction from center management. The list of what AtSite Events will track is extensive.

AtSite users use the ‘Event’ button then select the type of event they are creating. They can optionally attach a photo and add extra information. When done, the information is sent to WebEye.

In WebEye Events are stored and selected Events can generate email(s) as required. Reports are available to analyze Events, show where they happened to help understand risk and site issues. WebEye users can search, sort, print, email events.

The Events system is a database for site issues.

Events are a great way to document something, to let supervisors know something happened, to make special information available to others.

How Is Data Uploaded?

Using the internet, WiFi or 3G/4G, data is uploaded by AtSite when able.

This is done automatically and does not require user intervention.

If the internet is available at all times, data is uploaded in real time.

What Happens When The Internet Is Not Available?

At Login to the AtSite, staff use the “Off Line Login” function and AtSite will allow logging of beacons and events but will not upload the data to WebEye. Data is saved into the handset and will be uploaded later when the internet is working and they login again.

If Internet is not available while staff are recording beacons and events, then the data is stored in the device. It will be automatically uploaded later when internet is available.

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