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FAQ – AtSite

AtSite Frequently Asked Questions

What is AtSite?

It is an App for an Android or iPhone or iPod.

Download the App from Google Play Store or from iTunes. Free.

You need a subscription and login details to use AtSite, contact Elite-ID for that.

Where Do I Get AtSite?

It is available on the Google Play store and iTunes. Just search for “AtSite” and you will find it. You can install it for free but must contact Elite-ID for subscription credit.

If AtSite does not come up, contact Elite-ID. AtSite may not be enabled in your country and we can usually fix this quite quickly.

Is it Easy to Use?

Absolutely! Press “Login” then press “Begin Logging” for Apple or it will start logging with Android. Data is uploaded automatically to WebEye automating the process nicely.

Basically – Login, do your job, logout, put on charge. That’s it.

What Is The Subscription/  User Credit / User Expiry?

AtSite is a subscription service. We charge for it, usually in blocks of 12 months.

Until you have subscribed for an AtSite user, it cannot be logged into.

When we setup a user for you, this is called “Credit” and you can use the WebEye functions to see what credits your AtSite users have.

You can use the WebEye report “AtSite Expiry” to see when each user expires, or those about to expire.

Can I Use an AtSite User on multiple devices?

Absolutely YES. Not a problem -except- you can only use it on one device as the same time.

If you are logged in one one device, others are locked out by WebEye and you’ll get the ‘403’ error message if you try logging in on a second device.

If you need to login on a 2nd device and can’t log out of the first device, call Elite-ID – we can cancel the login for you in WebEye and you can use this AtSite user on another device.

Can I Use an AtSite user credentials to login to WebEye?

No. You can’t. They are totally different systems.

You can’t do it the other way – WebEye logins can’t login to AtSite.

What Does AtSite Do?

It logs data. The data is ‘serial numbers’ it reads from Beacons that AtSite senses.

AtSite will also create Event messages and photos and send them to email recipients.

Apple iPhones and iPods have a management mode that lets them configure and maintain a site

How Do I Use AtSite?

You must first have an account with Elite-ID. Please use the contact form for arranging this.

We will send you a complete manual.

Briefly, use the credentials you should have been sent, then press Login. You can then press “Begin Logging” (for Apple) or go straight into logging on Android.

How Do I Setup A Beacon?

Briefly, make your AtSite account a Manager (in WebEye), then login to AtSite on an Apple device. Then select Management mode. Then select scan. Beacons that are in proximity can have their ranges updated, assigned to locations at centers.

How Do I Move a Beacon?

The best way is here.

You can still run reports on the old location with all the data up until the beacon was moved to the new location. Your logged data will not be lost.

Can I Get a Free Trial?

Absolutely yes. Just contact Elite-ID.


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