Elite-ID Staff Tracking

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Recording Staff Tracking Attendance & Event Issues:

    Cleaner tracking, guard tour tracking.

    Done easily with least staff disruption.

Know where staff have been and what they have been doing:

    Risk Management, public liability, proof of service delivery.

Elite-ID Have The Ideal Solution. Here we show you how:

    We make it easy with ongoing service and support.

Our extensive knowledge base helps you every step of the way.


Store staff tracking and Event data in the Cloud then generate reports. A powerful full featured system with extensive analytic, statistical and automated reports.


Collect staff attendance and Event (issue) data, stored in the Cloud with AtSite. The best and most cost effective RF ID proximity staff sensing solution.

Wand Systems

Elite-ID Classic Wand Systems offer robust and simple operation. Ideal for security patrols and exact staff position sensing. Integrates with WebEye for full featured analysis and reporting.

The Elite-ID story

We design, develop, manufacture, service and support Staff Tracking Attendance Verification Systems.

About Elite-ID

Our systems track staff and their activities, store the data in the Cloud, then have a wide range of reports and facilities to help you derive benefit from that data.
We have 20 years experience in tracking cleaning, security, maintenance, facilities management and other staff. Shopping centers, cleaning contractors, guard patrol companies and facilities management companies all use Elite-ID products.
Key to deriving benefit is the Cloud based Nexus-WebEye data base and analysis system. WebEye has powerful analytic reports designed to help manage and create insights from your data.
Innovations in Elite-ID products have seen the introduction of powerful exception reporting, support for tracking staff issue “Events” and graphical display of performance measurement on floor plan maps.

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