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Risk Management

What Do Elite-ID Products and Services provide?

Elite-ID products and services provide the monitoring functions of a full risk management system.

Elite-ID products collect data about your staff attendances. From analyzing this data, management can make decisions and take corrective action so as to reduce risk.

Risk and profit are closely linked.

What is this risk? Loss of contract due to poor performance, increased slip and trip injury, hazards remaining unchecked for long periods of time and possible insurance issues as a result.

How do companies use Elite-ID products? Firstly staff attendances are recorded and uploaded to the Cloud (example; AtSite and WebEye). Then staff regularly check reports looking for non-compliances and then take action where required.

It is an inevitable fact that many staff are unsupervised for long periods of time. It then becomes important to know of deficiencies and to target them for remedial action.

By monitoring staff attendance at strategic locations it is easily possible to ensure that the level of service you require is actually being provided. Then, the key ingredient, is to ensure staff are managed to achieve the required level of service.

Suggested WebEye reports : Location Analysis, Risk Management, Location Attendance.

Reducing risk will directly impact the profitability of a business. Elite-ID can help you with that.

What Industries Does This Apply To?

Retail Space Cleaning – is a typical focus. Allowing a spill to remain for long periods of time means that the chance of slip and trip injury escalates significantly. Regular attendances by staff is vital to reduce risk and also to assist in litigation defense. If you can ensure diligence then the number of claims may decrease.

Security – is also a typical focus. Having an area patrolled regularly may reduce the risk of vandalism, graffiti, theft and loss.

Maintenance and Service – have used Elite-ID products to check on facilities that must be regularly maintained. Regular checks ensure that equipment is functioning correctly.

In all these cases, staff attendance make a significant difference to an organization. If staff are diligent then risk will reduce and costly problems will also reduce.

What Reports Support This?

There are three main reports that will show you your data, and from these you can estimate the risk that may be implicit in your staff attendances.

Location Attendance” report is graphical. Look for gaps in attendances, they are easy to see. Long gaps between attendances indicate time of elevated risk; a latent hazard remaining in place longer will have a greater chance of causing injury or loss.

Risk Management” report counts attendances during times you setup in a time profile. The number of attendances are divided into the number of minutes and an average is obtained. It is a simple average without any other checking. It does not take into account or measure gaps.

Location Analysis” report determines if a location is compliant or non-compliant according to a location meeting the targets you define. It will do return time calculation and also gap analysis for better and more accurate indicators of risk. This report allows emailing nominated recipients, and also optionally only emailing locations that are non compliant, reducing the need to inspect everything.

Is There Any More Information?

Yes there is. We are constantly updating, amending, improving the content of this knowledge base. Since 1999 Elite-ID have been instrumental in developing all the major innovations in monitoring and measuring staff attendance and performance.

Here is an article on Risk Measurement – and some new concepts we are developing.

A major article on measuring performance is presented Here. It details the concepts of tracking staff, why and then how staft attendances are measured. Key to this is the concept of risk. This is highly recommended reading.

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