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Location Attendance Report

The Easiest Way To Visualize your Data

No other report comes close to letting you visualize your data in a way that you can make sense of it all. This report is an ideal quick check report.

To Use The Report;

  • Select a Center
  • Select a date
  • Setup any location filtering
  • Setup a restricted time range to show more detail
  • Press “Go” to run the report.

Look for large gaps between attendances. Why are they there?

Look for missing days – no one went there? Is the iButton or Beacon missing? Was it a holiday?

Suddenly at a glance you can make management decisions, get insights into your data that no column of figures or colored map can give.

Events Are Integrated

The Events system in WebEye and AtSite event data is now shown on the Location Attendance report as Triangles in among the small squares of location data.

This can be disabled with a check-box on the right hand side of the setup form.

Why Are There So Many Red Dots?

This is quite normal. Red does not mean fault or error.

The scale of the report is such that it puts a Green spot on the page when a staff member arrives at a location, then a Red when they leave the location. If there is little time between these two, then the Red covers the Green. You just don’t see them.

If you change the time range, for example, from 9am to 11am, then you’ll see the green then a red following it because you have expanded out the time scale.

All Locations For One Day

This shows all your locations down the side of the page, then across the page a spot is put on the page to show an attendance.

The color of the spot shows its type;

  • Black is an iButton, meaning a staff member touched a wand onto an iButton
  • Green is a Log In from a radio wand or AtSite
  • Red is a Log Out from a ratio wand or AtSite
  • Blue is an automatic Radio Wand or AtSite repeat when a staff member is in a location for 5 minutes.

One Location For A Date Range

Instead of All Locations, you can select just one location. Then you can specify a date range.

This is great to see trends for your data. Is there a problem on Weekends? Is the data better on Wednesdays? Use this option to answer those questions.

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