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Deploy Beacons and AtSite

Deploy Beacons And AtSite

Here are the broad aspects to deployment. Included are links to other knowledge base articles;

  1. Identify where you are going to deploy Beacons,
  2. Determine what logging devices you are going to use. Apple or Android,
  3. Acquire them then install AtSite on your loggers. Make sure Android less than 8 is used,
  4. For Android here are the requirement and  install information,
  5. For Apple,  here is the install information.

Do not hesitate to contact Elite-ID for assistance.

Installing and Setting up your beacons

This can be done in a few ways. Here are some options.

Before deploying a Beacon, ask yourself, “what is this Beacon going to prove.” If you can’t answer the question, consider not installing it.

Broadly speaking, place Beacons where staff patrol and make it easy for them.

Produce a map of your site and outline where beacons are placed.

Test your Site

Login to AtSite and walk the site according to how your staff would do.

Log into WebEye. Inspect the data to make sure you are logging where you should.

Filter the report to just show your own logged data. Some reports that can be used;

  1. Location Attendance (graphical) to show a picture of attendances,
  2. Center visits for a running list of attendances,
  3. Maps report to show on the map of the site.

It at all concerned, contact Elite-ID.



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