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Apple Install AtSite

Apple Install AtSite

Installing AtSite for Apple is quick and easy. Note – you must use an Apple device with Bluetooth 4 or better.
Follow these steps.
  • Go to Itunes.
  • Search for AtSite
  • Install it. DO NOT pay for any credit.
Elite-ID will send you login credentials. This is a Client-ID, a user name and a password.
You must now setup your Apple device, and then later, setup AtSite settings.

Apple Settings

In your Apple device, go to the settings icon and press that
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Scroll down to find AtSite (or a section for Apps then select AtSite)
  • Select Atsite
  • Set Location (Always)
  • Set Photos on (Camera)
  • Set Background App Refresh on.
  • Set Notifications (optional)

That finishes setting up the Apple device. Note, Background App Refresh keeps AtSite running when the device is in ‘sleep’ mode with its screen black. Location Always is critical for sensing beacons.

AtSite Settings Screen

Start the AtSite App. Then press the settings icon

  • At the top of the screen, turn on Events (assuming you want to use them)
  • Then beneath that, enter 1 or 2 email addresses that Events will be sent to.
  • Inactivity alerts send an email if the device is idle for a number of minutes. You can enable this function or leave it blank
  • Enable the “Only Show Own Beacons” is useful for managers. Enable it.
  • Press SAVE, then Back.

After entering credentials, press the padlock symbol. This prevents accidentally erasing or changing them.


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