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Android AtSite App

Android AtSite App

AtSite for Android is the Elite-ID App for automatic staff attendance tracking. Not only that, it now has a full featured and powerful events system for tracking site issues. We’ve also added a super easy to use Checklists option – staff can document work done very quickly.

Data from this App is automatically uploaded to the Nexus-WebEye server in the cloud. This is used for storage and managing your data. Reports can be run and scheduled. Facilities are prodivded to reduce time and effort in managing your sites.

The new AtSite version is available for free download from the google apps store.

Most modern Android phones will work. We’ve tested our App on many Android devices, ZTE Blade, Galaxy, Nokia, Optus and others are being used. The most important things is Bluetooth 4 or better.

However, to use AtSite you must have a paid subscription, a client area setup in WebEye, and also some beacons you can log data with. Please contact Elite-ID for this.

What Android Versions work with AtSite?

We have it working on all updated versions between 5 and 9. Yes – we have fixed all the issues we had in version 8 and 9 – and now AtSite is rock solid stable.

Make sure you have Bluetooth V4 or later.

Note. Some versions of Android require updating. For example Android 8.0 was terrible. The updated Android 8.1 has added a feature to enable or disable battery management for Apps. This lets AtSite work! Basically, go to Settings, Battery, then find Atsite. Make sure it is not shut down for battery saving.

Android Phone Requirements

  • Android 5 or later. Updated 8.1 or 9.1
  • Bluetooth 4 or better
  • Camera for Events (rear facing of course)
  • GPS for Events (optional)
  • WiFi
  • 3G/4G to suit your telco
  • Storage is not critical. 4gigabytes should be enough. 8gb would be plenty
  • Look for long battery life, look for a replaceable battery
  • Ideally – get a rugged pouch

Data Requirements

We get asked this regularly; how much data does AtSite use in a phone?

Very little. Installing and using AtSite will never use as much as 1 gigabyte in the phone storage. We would expect perhaps 100 megabytes in total after many years.

Monthly internet uploads on a data plan would be perhaps 10 to 20 megabytes of internet data maximum.

Mobile Device Management Systems

We have had issues with MDM type systems and problems with AtSite. The fault is that “Records Unsent” gets huge because AtSite can’t upload data.

This has proven to be a database corruption issue. For some reason the data has been broken and AtSite gets ‘stuck’.

The fix is to upload the latest version of AtSite. It that fails, contact Elite-ID. What we have done is get the device sent to us, we attempt to fix the issue, update AtSite then return to you.

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