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iPod Gen 7 AtSite Pro Setups And Stability

Apple iPod Gen 7 Setups Best For AtSite Pro Reliability

Over the years the iPod has gone through many changes, updates, and also the operatinug system called “iOS” has been updated countless times. We are aware of some users reporting erratic behaviour – yet we cannot find a cause even under stress testing here at Elite-ID, as well as long term use of Atsite Pro.

We recommend youPower Off the iPod occasionally. This can help with stability.

If you iPod logs you out soon after logging in we recommend;

1. Update the operating the system. We found V14 to work well, but Version 15.5 is the latest. If you experience problems, update.

2. Go Into the iPod Setting. Turn off everyting that is NOT essential (and check essential things also).

In Privacy.

  • Go to Location Services. Make sure it is enabled (green). Scroll down to AtSite Pro. Select Always. This is critical.
  • Go to System Services. Turn off Aple Pay. Turn off Home kit. Turn off setting time zone (this will set from your network). Turn off Share My Location. Turn off System customisation. Turn off iPod analytics. Turn off Routing and traffic.

3.  After you have done the above – turn the Power Off to the iPod. Then turn it on again.

Now run AtSite Pro. If you find it is logging you out all by itself – Contact Elite-ID.



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