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Attendance Type Codes

Attendance Type Codes

AtSite and Classic Wand Systems log staff attendances as they perform their duties. We log some different types of attendances and these are explained here. On the Location Attendance report for example, data is shown in colours, black, green, blue and red. These colours are the type of attendance.

In the center visits report, the attendance types are shown as a number.

  • 01 – This is an iButton logging. The user touched the Wand onto the iButton.
  • 21 – This is an AtSite “log-in”. The user walked within range of a beacon and was registered as being there.
  • 22 – This is an AtSite “repeat”. The user stayed within the range of a beacon for 5 minutes. It is automatic.
  • 23 – This is an AtSite “Log-out”. The user walked away from the beacon and was registered as having left the area at this time.
  • 81 – This is a “Log-in” for classic wand system.
  • 91 – This is a “repeat” for a classic wand system.
  • A1 – This is a “Log-out” for a classig wand system.

The “log-out” is the time of the last received signal from the beacon or classic wand system.

Normally these codes are not used. For example, Location Attendance report shows data by colour. It is for Center Visits report where the precise data is shown that these attendance type codes become relevant.



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