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Error 403 Concurrent Sessions

Error 403 Means Multiple Logins

AtSte is a subscription service. Each login must be paid for. Each login can be used on only one device at any one time. If you try to use it on more than one device, then you will get the Error 403 message.

Sometimes you get this message when you are sure you haven’t logged in on more than one device. Why? It may be because the internet dropped out, or the device you were using did not do the login properly. Then, the message coming back from the internet was lost, the device does not think you are logged in but WebEye in the Cloud does. You then try to login again and get the ‘403’ error message.

The Solutions Are Easy

  1. Only login with the same user name on one device. Logout on that device, then you can login on another device with that user.
  2. Call Elite-ID and request a user reset. We can clear this for you quite quickly.
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