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Configuring AtSite

AtSite Setup

AtSite is simple to setup. It only requires email addresses to be entered, events to be enabled and a few non-critical settings.

Quick Overview

  1. Go to the device settings. Setup WiFi to work on the device. Make sure the Region is correct. This affects date and time,
  2. Download the App from iTunes or Google Play. Install it,
  3. Go to the Device settings. Check that AtSite has background refresh enabled. Make sure it is alowed to use Location Services and Camera.
  4. Get user credentials from Elite-ID,
  5. Start the App. Enter the Client-ID, the Username and password,
  6. Go to the Settings menu. Icon, top left hand corner,
  7. Enable events (if required),
  8. Enter event eMail addresses (if required),
  9. Scroll down to the bottom and press Save (everything else is optional),
  10. Go back to the Main screen. Press the padlock to lock the credentials,
  11. Press Login. It should go to the Lobby page. If so, press Logout. Finished,
  12. If asked to use Location Services, Bluiletooth, camera, Allow AtSite to use it,
  13. If the Login fails, your ClientID/User/Password is wrong. Try again. Contact Elite-ID.

In Depth – AtSite Settings Menu

Press the Settings Icon on the login screen.

Once in the settings, you can setup AtSite in a minute or two. The options are all very simple and self explanatory.

When finished, press save, then “back” and it is finished.

Setting Events eMail Address(es)

At the top of the screen there is a toggle switch to turn on Events. Make sure this is enabled if you want to use Events.

Enter an eMail address you want Events to be sent to. This is the text and the photos you can create while logging.

On an iPod you can enter 2 different email addresses, on Android just one.

Only See Owned Beacons

This setting stops AtSite from showing other foreign beacons on the logging and scan pages. These may be from other companies, or from other devices like keyboards and mice etc.

We suggest you enable this function.

More Information – iPod/iPhone Settings

Enable location services – unless this is done AtSite may not be able to use Bluetooth.

Allow Atsite to use the camera

Allow Atsite to use Bluetooth

Make sure AtSite can operate when the iPod is inactive (black screen). This is often called Background Refresh.

Make sure the clock is set to the correct region. This is important, it affects the date and time as shown and may effect expiry of your subscription credit.

Android Settings

This is similar to Apple, you must allow AtSite to use Beacons, Camera, Location Services (if asked for) and allow AtSite to run when the device is in sleep mode (screen black).

Go to the Settings page of Android.

You need to go to “Apps and Notifications”

Go to the “‘Battery” screen. Make sure AtSite is not on any blacklist to turn off to extend battery life.

Critical : Depending on the Android version, make sure Atsite is allowed to do Background Refresh. This keeps AtSite running when the screen is cleared and goes black.

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