Our Year 2018 and An Exciting Year Ahead

What a big year it has been. The most obvious change for 2018 has been our new Elite-ID Website with its extensive knowledge base and blog.
Feedback from our clients has been positive and helped us target new content. We are constantly updating the knowledge base, adding, refining and helping users derive benefit.

Looking at our knowledge base, it is clear we have opened up our solution in a way that no other service provider has done. It is there to help you.

With twenty years of experience, we expose operating procedures, fault finding, methods of deployment with all the ‘tricks of the trade’ that have until now seldom been publicly available.
It was amusing to find a new competitor spring up recently with absolutely no information about their system online and images that were not indicative of anything. Then the best part was that it didn’t actually work. That makes two of these for the year.


It has been gratifying to increase our client base and grow the business by another 20% this year, the same as last year’s growth. Our growth has been as a result of our reporting, our analytics, enhanced automation, and of course our cost effectiveness.
Most of all, it is pleasing to win new clients and include them as our friends. We enjoy what we do and I hope that shows. When we get a call from the Northern Territory, or Perth, or internationally, from so many other far flung places and chat to our clients, we enjoy that.

Major National Rollout

We were delighted to be selected for a national roll out to a major financial institution which has broadened our application base and driven enhancements to our systems.
Our solution was chosen because it is the most cost effective solution, along with the value-adding that Nexus-WebEye automated reports provide.
At the same time our classic wand systems are still selling and being used in remote places where simplicity, reliability and robust operation is required.

Cost Effective?

A high point of the year was to be told by an I.T. Manager of a major client that we should increase our prices. That was a first for both of us.
He said our solution was better than a competitors far more expensive product and we should consider increasing prices because executives of the company thought a more expensive product would be better. Thank you!


For those not aware, in 2018 we rolled out many new features and facilities in WebEye and updated AtSite a number of times.
The new and extremely powerful Location Analysis report is an example. This report has three analysis options for best of breed data analysis, exception reporting, email, and summary generation. It breaks new ground for data analysis and reporting. The knowledge base has articles on this powerful report.

An Exciting Year Ahead

We have a new report for our Wand users scheduled for early 2019, and of course many small tweaks for both WebEye and AtSite.

<spoilers> A powerful new facility and a new graphical report are also scheduled for early 2019.
When we released AtSite in 2015 our goal was a simple staff tracking solution that did not require great staff effort or training. We were, and still are, extremely focused on having a simple yet powerful solution that is easy to adopt and gain value from. A major part of the appeal of AtSite has been its simplicity that suits so many of our users.
However time marches on and listening to our users, we have been working on a major series of updates that add significant benefit without breaking our golden rules of simplicity and ease of use.

Early in 2019, after months of development, we will release a major update.
This is targeted at our public liability focused users and brings enhanced data collection, reporting, and analysis. WebEye users will be able to gain new insights into relationships within their data that will help many aspects of their business. Best of all it will assist public liability claims at many levels from data collection through to eventual information collation and delivery.
This update represents a big change for Elite-ID and we believe our clients will derive significant benefit from it. As always, all these new facilities will be easy to use and at no extra cost.

However, our plans for 2019 and into the future are not stopping there.
This first and major update is a stepping stone to far more advanced reporting and analysis options we have been investigating. They depend on the new data collection facilities and will give clients improved presentation, prediction and analysis of trends that have not been previously available.

So – stay tuned to this blog. We’ll be releasing news as it happens, as well as direct eMails to all our clients.


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