Checklists – Android – WebEye Updates

Checklists - Android and WebEye Update

A Major Update by Elite-ID

By Richard

Android Update – Checklists – Free Data Backup – Direction

Android Checklists

For the last month or so we’ve been working hard on implementing a new feature into AtSite and Nexus-WebEye.
It is “Checklists” – and this will suit our commercial cleaning clients, along with those with specialist needs in servicing special areas.

Here is an article on Checklists.

So far it is in Android only. We’re workig hard to bring it to Apple / iOS as quickly as we can.

Android Update

Android has always been fluid in the way updates change things, and how each major new release implements quite often many big changes. Not only that, updates to older versions of Android have proven to break Apps.

Well, we’ve rewritten AtSite for Android in the newest system language, and also updated many of the internal workings. This has paid off with rock-solid performance during testing.

What was happening was that Android would terminate AtSite in lock screen in an attempt to save battery power. Sometimes it would crash AtSite seemingly at random.

New versions of Android include options to allow Apps to keep alive – and not be battery optimized. Setting these features so AtSite remains alive in lock screen fixes these issues. We’ll be updating our knowledge base with more information in the coming weeks.

AtSite has also struggled with the way Android returns beacon data, so much so that on some of the updates it has broken AtSite – and again – seemingly at random.

Well, as a result of a lot of work in rewriting code and extended testing, we have released a new version that works well.

Before Updating Your Android Phone

Be aware that the Events system has changed dramatically from the first version of Events. Now you can completely control the events that users at a center can use, and also you can select what events will generate an automatic email. For example, a slip and trip injury can generate emails to management.

So this needs to be setup. It is quick and easy. Here is a quick start knowledge base article.

Free Legacy Data Backups

For the last 20 years we have been quietly keeping backup copies of client data. Occasiobnally we get asked for report s- and we are delighted to help.
So we’ve created knowledge base articles on what we provide.

Just last week were asked what our data retention policy is. So, here is an article on that also. As you would expect from us, it is simple. We hate deleting data.

The Elite-ID Direction

AtSite and WebEye were developed to be a no frills simple yet powerful logging solution for staff attendance. In essence they were meant to be a replacement for our classic wand systems.

We achieved that years ago, and have been moving in a new direction. It is all for the better. We are retaining our simple-to-use credo, but adding extra functionality.

In late 2018 and now in 2019 and beyond, we have enhanced AtSite and WebEye significantly broadening its capabilities and appeal. The Events upgrade, Maps, Checklists have been added to AtSite and WebEye suiting a wider range of users.

Over the coming months we will be releasing new initiatives that enhance our users experience in ways designed to target some of the prime reasons for using our products.

We have over 20 years of experience in working with our clients, now and with the changes in technology we have recently seen, it is plain we can do better.

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