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Checklists in AtSite and WebEye

In many situations, and particularly with bathroom and specilist servicing applications, Checklists are a valuable aid. This feature of AtSite and WebEye will replace manual checklist forms.

With minimal effort,  AtSite user can quickly tick off what has been done. This is stored in WebEye and is accessed with WebEye reports. Checklists are an ideal replacement to manual entered forms. These must often be kept for years and rarely looked at. AtSite and WebEye are an ideal replacement for this antiquated system.

In AtSite, the user merely needs to press the “Checklist” button at the bottom of the logging screen. Then it is quick to tick off which items on the checklist have been done. Then press send. The checklist will be uploaded to WebEye and stored for later reporting.

Getting Value From Checklists

Some clients demand a checklist is kept of work done at locations. Typically this will be for servicing bathrooms. It may also suit some of our facilities management users for equipment service – motors, chillers, smoke check, leaking oil – etc.

AtSite and WebEye makes this a LOT easier and quicker. It also ensures it is done as the facility is serviced – not later – not retrospectively (see the Lock To Location option).

Later, in WebEye, checklists can be searched by center, by location, by date and time then a report generated. It is not uncommon for a complaint by the public to generate a search of paper records – now this can be done in WebEye in a few seconds.

Checklist Setup In WebEye

In WebEye, each center can have it’s own and distinct checklist so they can be tailored to the site as required. In Manage – Centers, select a center with View, then at the bottom of the locations list is the “Checklist” button. Click on that.

The new page that opens lets you enter the 10 checklist items for this center. If you don’t want an item, leave it blank.

There are 2 controls also, that determine how this feature of AtSite is used;

Checklist Enable –  if this is not ticked, AtSite users for this center can’t use it. They won’t have the option. This allows disabling checklists for a center.

Lock To Location –  (future option) when this is ticked, a checklist can only be created when near a Beacon, and only for that Beacon. This makes sure the checklist corresponds to where the user actually is.

** This is pre-release information. The implementation may change as it proceeds.

** This will be deployed initially on Android then later on iOS (Apple) devices.


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