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AtSite Login/Logout Report

AtSite Login/Logout Report

This report shows which staff logged in and out by site. If a user is enabled for a center in AtSite, then those center(s) will show this user logging in and when.

To run the report, you specify a center (site) name and then a date range. Then when it reports, AtSite Login/Logout report shows you which logins to AtSite had this center selected.

Note. If an AtSite user has more than one center enabled (example a manager might have many centers enabled) then the AtSite Login/Logout Report will show a login at all enabled centers for this type of user. This may sound strange, the person was not at most of the centers. However it is correct. It is showing the login for all the centers that the AtSite user is enabled for.

Login/Logout As a Diagnostic Tool

If you are finding that some centers are not performing as they should (meaning there is not enough data), then use the AtSite Login/Logout report.

  1. Start the report – select the center.
  2. Select the date range.
  3. Tell it to Go.

Now. Check that the correct number of staff were actually logged in for when you wanted them to be. Did they forget to take a logger with them?

This report lets you answer the auestion, “who logged in on this center, and when?



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