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Replacing Beacon Batteries

Replacing Beacon Batteries

Beacons use a lithium cell type CR2477. Older beacons use a single cell, newer batteries use a double-cell for longer life. Replacing a beacon battery is not difficult.

Here is a summary;

  1. Take the beacon off the wall.
  2. Open the beacon. This requires a little care but is easily doable with a craft knife and care.
  3. Remove and discard the old battery, install the new battery.
  4. Re-mount the beacon onto the wall.

Tools And Steps Required


  1. Thin bladed pain scraper or similar to lever beacons off the wall.
  2. Double sided adhesive tape to re-mount the beacon onto the wall.
  3. Knife to open the beacon, and to cut the double sided tape.
  4. Ladder or similar.


Use a thin bladed tool to remove the beacon off the wall. Double sided tape usually holds beacons to walls and ceilings. To remove the beacon, a thin bladed tool such as a paint scraper can be used – slide it under the beacon and carefully lever it off the wall.

Be careful when standing on a ladder. If the beacon suddenly releases – please be careful a personal injury does not result.

Be careful to not damage the wall or paint-work and also to not drop the beacon (very easy to do).

Use a knife or thin blade screwdriver to open the beacon. The beacon case is clipped together. One side has one “lug” and the other side has two. Gently and carefully insert the knife and lever the case open to expose these lugs. Then, changing to the single-lug side, lever the case open – it is much easier this side.

Opening A Beacon
Opening A Beacon

Be extremely careful not to slip or cut yourself. It may take some force to lever open the case. Take precautions against accidental injury.

Look closely at the picture. The rear of the beacon has a small ‘dent’ showing where the single and double-lugs are. You can just see the double lugs on the left hand side.

Insert the knife blade just below the single lug as shown. Lever the case open.





Discard old, fit new Battery. The battery slides inder the clip. The old battery can be removed then the new battery is fitted to the beacon. Be careful to mount the same way. The “rounded edge” is toward the contacts on the PCB.

Single Battery beacon
Single Battery Beacon

Single Battery beacons – the battery just slides in under the clip – rounded side to the PCB (circuit board)

Be sure to discard the OLD battery and to install a NEW battery (they all look the same!) – spoken from experience.









Dual battery beacons have the same circuit board. The battery slides in the same way.

Dual Battery Beacon
Dual Battery Beacon

Dual Battery beacons are just the same. Slide the battery under the clip as shown. Rounded side down – just the same.

Please be careful to install the battery as shown – the rounded side toward the circuit board.







Clip Beacon together. Insert the two tags on one side of the beacon base where they go, then press the beacon base back into the shell. It should press together quite easily.

Use new double sided tape. Removing the beacon from the wall usually stops double sided tape from being sticky so it should be discarded. You’ll need new tape and a knife to cut it to length on the back of the beacon.

If you break the mounting lugs on the case, you have three options. Breaking the lugs means the case does not hold together any more. The solutions are;

  • Have a spare empty case. We have a few at Elite-ID
  • Use white electricians tape to hold the case together. If done carefully it is not overly noticeable.
  • Use extra double sided tape to hold the case closed.

Common Mistakes

  1. The beacon flies off the wall and crashes onto the floor. We have never broken a circuit board, but we have often broken the plasic lugs. Use tape to re-seal the beacon before re-mounting.
  2. Re-installing a flat battery. It sounds stupid. We have done it. They all look the same.
  3. Damaging paintwork. This is easy to do. Take your time in sliding the flat bladed tool between the beacon and the wall. Lever it off carefully and gently.




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