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Android Phones

Android Phones and AtSite

The version of AtSite released on 27 July 2017 fixes all known problems in all versions of Android on all the phones we tested with. We tested with brand name, Optus, Nokia, ZTE and others. We tested in $400 phones and in $39 phones. We spent considrable time finding and fixing all the issues that had plafgued AtSite.

The following information about settings is critical.

The range of Android phones available for AtSite is huge. Android Phone can be low cost and this makes them a compelling choice. As with all things, particularly when there is a wide range of cost and features, there are trade-offs.

Here are issues we must address;

  • Seldom do Android phones remain available for a long time. They are constantly upgraded and changed. Settling on one particular phone is always a great idea, but it may well not be available in 18 months.
  • Android phones range in price frtom $39 to $1000. There appears to be a “sweet spot” in proving starting at around $200. Phones in this range seem to work better.
  • What problems are there?
    • The phone crashes. We never to seldom see this with better phones. It may be a settings issues. Our latest AtSite fixes all crashes we have seen.
    • Bluetooth stops working, for no reason. The phone must be restarted. Again, we’ve not seen this in our new version.
    • AtSite crashes. Our latest version fixes these. We test AtSite in a range of phones, Galaxy, Nokia, Blade, ZTE and these never crash.

Why Can’t Elite-ID Correct for the phones in software?

We test each release in different phones. It works else we would not release it. If another phone fails, we can get one and try to work out where it is going wrong.

To date the results of this have been – universally – out of our control.

  1. The phone is not configured properly.
  2. The version of Android stops AtSite from running.
  3. The phone is unreliable.

None of these options can be catered for in software.

What Can Be Done with Cheaper Phones?

We have found low end Optus, ZTE and Blade phones do actually work very well with the new version of AtSite.

With ALL phones, settings in the phones, is critical.

Always update your version of Android. Android 8.0 is terrible – Android 8.1 works well.

Go to Settings.

  1. Make sure that AtSite IS allowed to run in background. This is setup differently on different versions of AtSite.
  2. Make sure that AtSite is NOT optimized for battery. In other words, it is allowed to run 24/7 – even when the screen is locked.
    1. This is usually in the “Battery” area of settings. Select All Apps, then find AtSite and turn off battery optimization.
  3. Make sure AtSite has Storage, Camera, Location permissions.
    1. This is usually in Permissions or similar.

More information will be put in here as it becomes available.

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