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Moving forward into 2019 – updates – news and coming attractions.

Looking Ahead

By Richard

It might still be Autumn, but these last few days claim it’s Winter. It has sure got cold, quickly. We had in our minds to go to Apollo Bay for a weekend and even do some boogie boarding. That would be in the ocean waters. Now with the temperature outside at 5C and factoring in wind chill, it feels like a crazy idea.

So - What's Happening At Elite-ID?

Plenty – is the answer. Absolutely heaps – but we can’t tell you an enormous amount about it as it’s still in development.

However, looking at the last few months our logical progression is still happening.

Have you seen >this page?< This is the distillation of Attendance Verification information, risk information, reasons, hints and tips we’ve picked up since 1999. We regularly speak with stakeholders in the industries we cater to – and here you can benefit from that information.

Insufficent Data – is a brand new function happening in a few days. It is in final testing now. Briefly – in ‘Edit Center’ you can specify the number of days of no data uploads and WebEye will email you with a message.

The benefit of this is to keep you advised of problems on site. This also works with Classic wand systems as well as AtSite – so it is a real bonus for our classic wand system users.

There is a knoweldge base article on it already.

Knowledge is power. Probably the most common task we have is updating and adding to our knowledge base. When we get asked a question from knowledgable clients and the topic doesn’t exist in theknowledge base, well, you get the idea.

Yesterday was a case in point. “AtSite Login/Logout report” was the topic – and the knowledge base has been updated with the answer.

Events – This new feature has been well received and clients are saying that the benefits, the ability to do all the normal databasing functions on them is great. You can search for types of events, by location, by center and date range. And so much more.

Maps and the ability to plot attendance data on floor plans was recently deployed. A few clients have tried it and the feedback is positive. We have a major update to this to put some other data onto floor plans – and this will be happening later in the year.

In the near future – we are deploying a major new initiative. It has its own website as it merits it. It is big. In the coming weeks we’ll be exposing new content, new support, new ways to help your staff extract beneft from all our systems.

Management report – this is something we’ve had on the back burner for a few years now. The problem has always been, “what to display and how?”

Well, we’ve been jotting down notes and talking to clients about it so later in 2019 we hope to have a first version.

It will absolutely suit area managers, senior managers, and those wanting a quick snapshot of the performance of one or many sites, all on the one page and quick and easy to understand.

For site managers, it will give a quick outline of just one site.

Best of all for your on-site managers, it will allow drilling down to show just where problems are.

But that’s not all. Better! We’re looking at including some specialized prediction functions which will help make it more effective.

Other things are in early development also. We’ll be outling them when we approach release. However, let’s just say that with the experience we have and the data we collect, I believe that we can do a lot more and better with our reporting system. And we will.

I hope all is going well. Remember, if you have any issues or concerns, call or email.

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