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Advanced Best Practices

Best Practices

Since 1999 Elite-ID Electronic Systems have been working with cleaning contractors, security contractors, centre management and other organizations to help manage and maintain staff tracking attendance data.

In early 2022 we were approached by a number of companies, each with portfolios of centres, all wanting better practices to help improve their data and to reduce the cost of non compliance.

The goal with this information is to obtain the best possible staff tracking data and to be able to manage it in the most effective ways.

#1 Accept The Relationship Between Data And Performance

Staff tracking data shows how your staff are attending locations where beacons are placed. It measures their performance in performing their duties.

If the data is very good then it means;

  • staff are able to fulfil their required duties
  • they are diligent in complying with contractual requirements
  • reports to your clients will be very good
  • you should expect a reduction in slip and trip injury with less costs from payouts and litigation

If your data is poor then it quite often means;

  • staff are unable to meet their required duties
  • they were not diligent in complying with contractual requirements
  • reports to your clients will be poor and easily seen as being caused by poor cleaning performance
  • it is easily possible that slip and trip injury may increase with higher costs of payouts and litigation
  • contracts will be more difficult to retain

Since 1999 when Elite-ID commenced opertions it has become apparent that

  • clients with very good data are successful,
  • thet retain contracts,
  • they have reduced public liability costs


#2 Take Responsibilty – Have a Driver

Appoint a “Compliance Manager” whose role is to monitor data, identify problems, report to senior management.

They measure performance and are able to identify problem areas then have the authority to take action.

If someone cares about the data, you will get more data. If no one cares about your data, you won’t get much data at all!

#3 Provide the tools and training for your staff

Enable staff.

A simple powerpoint slide show is a great way to introduce site staff to AtSite and the general concepts of staff attendance data. Contact Elite-ID for assistance with this.

Provide a logging device for your staff. This can be an iPod, iPhone or Android phone. Some cheap Android phones are very good. Asking staff to use their own personal phones is almost guaranteed to fail.

Show staff how to use the equipment. How to login. How to begin logging. How to check it is all working. How to use Events. Have a printed “daily” sheet on the wall that outlines what they need to do and helps with fault finding.

Make sure staff understand the importance of logging data, why, how it is used.

The best users of the Elite-ID systems have well documented duties for staff. Staff know their duties, they know what they need to do, where they are required to be and how often.

#4 Create A Logging Culture

Our best users have staff who expect to use a logger for their work, they check it is working.

They immediately action any problems they have.

They understand their data is valuable.

#5 Monitor and Manage, Feedback and Reinforce

Your compliance manager must have a system whereby all the data from your sites can be collated then made into a manageable and understandable reporting system.

From that information, decisions can be made.

Nexus-WebEye has many reports – and some are ideal for this task. If unsure, contact Elite-ID for assistance. Many of our reports were generated for clients.

Using that data, advise site managers, report to senior management, and be vigilant. As soon as you stop checking and reporting and chasing up problem locations, data performance will reduce.

The Centre Health report has been created to help with this need. It will generate reports on a number of sites at the same time to help understand performance.

For advanced users, we have an API system that will download raw data, as well as pre-calculated performance metrics.

Contact Elite-ID – we are always available and happy to help in any way we can.


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