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Using The Events System

The Events System is a Powerful And Useful Feature

Events document something for later. They’re stored in the Cloud for reporting. They can be amended by adding more notes or photos to.

Events cannot be deleted or, once stored, changed. They are a permanent. They are stored and searchable by date, center, location and type code.

Events can be created in 2 places; in AtSite by staff as they perform their duties, and in WebEye at the computer.

Both are quick and easy to use.

When Should An Event Be Created?

This is up to your management and their reqirements.

At Elite-ID we suggest creating an Event for:

  • Anything that affects health and safety; slip and trip, harrassment, drunk or drugs affected, security issues etc.
  • Any time you do something that adds effort – a spill pickup, a mess cleanup.
  • When an issue presents itself that needs documenting, maintenance required or a breakage for example.
  • To document something, anything. This can be an inspection – showing what work is required to be done.

Events are stored in WebEye, in the Cloud, and can be used later to assist in staff issues, in dealing with problems and understanding site issues.

Create Event in AtSite

This is the ideal way of creating Events. Photos and notes are easily added as Events are created. It only takes seconds.

While logging data:

  • Press the “Event” button.
  • Make Sure the Center is selected.
  • Select a Location for the event.
  • Select the Event from the list.
  • Optionally type in some extra notes or instructions.
  • Optionally take a photo and use it.
  • Press Send – Careful – once created, Events cannot be deleted. Some cause eMails to supervisors etc.

GPS information will be included into the Event. Events are stored and managed in WebEye.

Create Event in WebEye (and add extra information, or email)

Supervisors can use the “Manage Events” section from the home page of WebEye.

Pressing Manage Events brings up a list of all events in the system. The list can be filtered by type, date, center, etc.

Press “New Event” near the top right hand corner.

Fill in the fields.

When done, press “Add” and the Event will be saved into WebEye for later lookup and reporting etc.

Benefits Of The Event System

It is designed to make a record of special things, instructions, to do lists etc – that happen on site.

For example:

  • Spill cleanup – you can justify your time spent
  • Something caused a delay – name it for later
  • Slip and trip injury – document it for later
  • Damage to something, something not working properly – inform management of the problem
  • Special instruction from Management – document for later billing
  • Document work required – an inspection giving details and photos.

The whole idea of events is to inform others, to document something for later. It is quick and easy to use.

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