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AtSite Fault Finding

AtSite Fault Finding

AtSite Fault Finding should be reletively simple and quick. Sometimes there may be more than one problem, also the operating system settings may not seem ‘logical’ – but they do matter.

Summary. The most common solutions, problems and faults;

  • Check our Facebook page.
  • Authentication failure. This is a wrong password or user name or Client-ID. Contact Elite-ID if you cannot resolve this.
  • Use The Padlock.
  • Concurrent Users. Error 403. More than one person is using the same username. Contact Elite-ID if you cannot resolve this.
  • Operating Systems Settings. Check AtSite App Settings – Camera, Background Refresh, (see below)
  • AtSite Settings. Press the Settings button and check (see below)
  • Operating System Version. (see below) Make sure you update AtSite.
  • Broken App – Reinstall. (see below)
  • Updates to the operating system
  • Check the knowledgebase.


Visit us HERE.

We release information, updates, articles – many things and regularly.

If you are having issues – a quick check will reveal if anyone else is having the same tyrouble and may (often) offer some solutions.

Authentication Failure

This means something in the username / password / client ID are wrong in some way. It can be incredibly frustrating to try and try again and it fails.

Check for;

  • Upper case ClientID.
  • Upper/Lower case username and password. Case matters.
  • Extra spaces at the start or end of something. You can’t see spaces. Check there aren’t any entered accidentially.

The nastiest fault is extra spaces. We have fallen into this trap ourselves. If everything looks perfect, delete it then start again.

Call Elite-ID – we can login into WebEye and check username and passwords for you (we cannot see a password – but we can give you a new one).

And use the padlock!

Use the Padlock

This has been provided for a reason. Please use it.

Enter the credentials – client ID, user ID, Password.

Then press the padlock symbol just above.

This locks the login credentials into the  device. This stops users accindetally deleting something.

Operating System Settings

AtSite MUST have some system settings enabled in the device (operating system) else it will now work.

We try to make the installer do all this. Sometimes the device demands these are manually set.

Background App Refresh. Make sure this is on. It allows AtSite to work when the screen is off (lock screen). This is critical.

Location Services. Make sure this is enabled. It allows Bluetooth and GPS to work. It is easily missed. If not enabled, you can’t see beacons!

Battery Optimization. Make sure this does not delete or stop AtSite. If it stops the app, logging stops.

Camera. Turn this on for Events. The operating system will not allow AtSite to use the camera otherwise.

Storage. this is strange. Only some devices ask for it. Allow it if requested of course.

AtSite Settings

Make sure you press SAVE when you have entered your settings.

Events Enable. Turn this on, else you can’t use Events.

Events email addresses. Check what you input. The keyboard is small and it is easy to make mistakes.

The above are the only critical settings. Other settings you can set as you wish.

Operating System Version

Apple and Android regularly update their operating system.

We update AtSite to suit. We have no control over what Apple and Android operating systems do – but we try very hard to keep up with the latest changes.

AtSite for Android in particular must be kept updated. Older version of AtSite should always be updated.

One fault we have seen with old versions of AtSite used on new versions of Android is that the Appo is shut down in lock screen (whent the screen is black). Android does this to save power.  Upating AtSite is the best fix for this.

Broken App

This is rare but it does happen.

Solution. Delete the App from your phone/iPod then re-install off the App Store.

NOTE. If you delete the App, any unsent data will be erased and cannot be recovered.

How to know you need to do it? Strange behaviour is the key. If AtSite is working on other devices but not on yours then it may well be a broken App in your device.

Why does it happen? We don’t know, but somehow the App is broken or corrupted or similar in your device. Perhaps an update to its operating system went wrong. Perhaps there was a battery failure (went flat) at a critical moment and corrupted the device? All are possible.

Updates to the operating system

Apple and Android get updated regularly. We have no control over this.

We update AtSite as soon as possible to make sure it works everywhere.

It is therefore important to check the latest version. Do you need it?

Check our facebook page. We release informaiton there regularly.

Check The knowledgebase

We update the knowledge base regularly. This page is a case in point.

When we update something, find a new fault mode, release an update, add new features – we update the knowledgebase.

Use the search option – “AtSite Fault” would have found this page etc.







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