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Events Reporter

Show What Happened, Where and When – And How Often

Events Reporter provides filtering of the events database to extract information to help management understand work done on site.

  • A quick and easy yet powerful tool to show Event data, filtered and selected to suit your needs
  • Output options for HTML, PDF and CSV to suit all users
  • Print lists of maintenance requests, ordering requests, security and cleaning issues quickly and easily
  • Reports can be scheduled, by all filtering options, for automatic reporting

Typical Use Scenarios

Senior Management – in seconds can see what is happening where, and how many times. Reports from different sites, from many sites together, over date ranges make comparison and company activity easily understood.

Site Managers – use Event Reporter to understand where staff are spending time and effort, and when.

Slip And Trip – injury events, and all other events, are available online instantly, along with any linked events.

Litigation Lawyers – can be given records of event history from Event Reporter

Morning Site Inspections – use events to identify problem areas that is easily searchable using Events Reporter.

Contractor Management – use Events Reporter to make management decisions based on actual and topical information.

Data Analysts – extract raw event data using CSV output for deep risk analysis and trending

Center Management – schedule a weekly report showing all events for a center, delivered by email.




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