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Get Data Unload Cancel

Get Data – Unload Cancel – XL Unloader program

The XL Unloader stores the data from the Wands in binary format inside its memory chips. When the XL Unloader program empties the unloader box into your PC, it converts the data into human readable form.

If the data in the unloader is corrupted, for example by going flat at a bad moment, then the program may not be able to understand the data and will cancel.

You will get the message “-Cancelled-” shown above the progress bar.

The solution is to replace your existing program with the latest. Here is the link.

Download the program and make sure you are running it.

How Does It Happen?

If your unloader battery goes flat as it is storing data, this will happen. Similarly, if powering the unloader from the mains and it is glitched or interrupted, the same, it may break a record.

Also, it is rare. With unloaders spread out all over Australia and in common and regular use, we see this only once every few years sometimes.

Is Data Lost?

No. XL Unloader only deletes data from the Wand when it has a valid record stored into its memory. If the record is broken, it will not delete the record in the wand. It will be downloaded from the wand again so no data is lost.



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