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Location Analysis – How To

WebEye Location Analysis – What It Does

The unique Location Analysis report in WebEye is easily the most powerful analytic report available for staff attendance data.

It gives you the best indication of risk, of your true performance, and it will even show about only the locations that do not meet your target (as ‘exceptions’). You can run the report at any time, or in the future, and send it to one or many email recipients you can manage for all your sites.

Manage Recipients in WebEye adds an email contact listing system you can enter all your email contacts into. This lets one person can manage all the Location Analysis reporting for a company with many many sites.


It is the range of analysis options and the way they can be customized that makes this report uniquely powerful in a number of ways.

Identify non-attendance. Remote unsupervised sites can be checked for attendance with a scheduled report and use the Hit Analysis option. This is really valuable when only one staff member must attend a site and non-attendance is difficult to check for otherwise.

Security partrol companies can check that their “3 hits a night” have been done on all locations with the Hit Analysis and its options. USe the Exception option to show non compliant locations.

Show In-depth Analysis. This is the core of the Location analysis report. Use “Gap Analysis” to give a compliance coverage percent and then in exception mode, identify which locations fail yo meet your requirements. This can be emailed, done daily, and hence up to date information used for mangement.

Quickly pull out non performing locations. Use the Return Time option and give a maximum gap that reflects your risk assessment. This report option will advise when locations have excessive gaps and help you target problems as soon as they happen.

Scheduling reports for daily or weekly running will greatly ease the effort in this report. You can be emailed every day witha l ist of locations at your site that don’t meet requirements.

Running The Report

Like all WebEye reports, it is easy. It can be run immediately or scheduled. Various options can be selected to analyze data in different ways.

To use the report, setup the form:

  • Select a Center then select a Time Profile.
  • Next either choose a date or a date range.
  • Then on the right hand side select which report options you want. Ycan select, any or all of the report options to run all at the same time.
    • Hit Analysis. This checks than a minimum number of hits have been recorded in a date-time range and also that a maxium gap has not been (optionally) exceeded.
    • Return Time. This checks in a date-time range that the average return time of a location meets your target and that a maximum gap has not been exceeded.
    • Gap Analysis. This calculated the compliance coverage and will trigger a location if non compliant if below that percentage or a maximum gaps is exceeded.
  • “Max Gap” fields will cause a location to be non-compliant if attendances are further apart than you specify.
  • Similarly for “Min Perf. (%),” if your performance falls below this, a location will be non-compliant.
  • You can tick “Summary only” to show just the number of compliant and non-compliant locations.
  • You can tick “Exception only” to only show locations that do not meet your criteria.
  • If you choose “In The Future” you can select when the report is to be run, and select one or many eMail recipients.


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