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Location Tagging

Location Tagging

If you have more than a few locations at a center, it can be useful to select and group them together logically for reporting. We call this ‘tagging’. A tag is just a one or 2 word description – for example “Entrance” or “Level-1” or “Podium” etc.

Location Tagging lets you report on tagged groups of locations very easily. There are 2 steps in the process:

  • Add tags to your locations. A location can have multiple tags.
  • At report time, select which tags you want to use then run the report. You’ll only see locations matching any of those tags.

For example, in a shopping center, in reports you can show only “Entrances” or “Toilets” or “All Malls” and combinations. This lets you focus on a group of locations. This can be very useful for large sites.

The Location Analysis report can do in-depth analysis of your data. Using tagging, you can select groups of locations and a time profile to suit. For example, back of house and car parks and docks are not attended similarly to retail space. Location Tagging lets you select which locations to report on and you can select a time profile to suit.

How To Add A Tag To A Location

  • Go to Manage Centers
  • Select the Center and click on the View link.
  • You will now see a list of all locations at the center.
  • If any locations have any tags, you will see them in the 4th column.
  • To add a tag, click the Edit button.
    • In the “Tags” edit box, type in the name of the tag you want to add to this location
    • Press “Add Tag” to assign it to the location
    • You can have more than one tag to a location.
  • Press Update to save the changes to the location.

Update In June 2019

Previously we had used an ‘AND’ type rule in reporting. A location had to have all the tags you selected before it would be reported on. We changd this to an ‘OR’ rule where if you select multiple tags the report would be done on locations with ANY of them.

We think this makes more sensee.

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