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Manage Events

Manage Events – Your Control Panel

At first glance the Manage Events control panel may look daunting – there are many options – but please do not be concerned. It is quite simple. The best way is to approach Manage Events by what you want to do.

Here is a quick start article – for rapid setup and arranged by task.

Now, recap. What is an event? It is a piece of information staff have entered. It can be about anything – cleaning, security, facility, you name it.

Manage Events allows you to search all your Events by their category and a code, along with a Center and a location they are assigned to. This way you can filter by where an event happened and its type. Or you can find all irrespecitive of where they happen at a center. Events may also have a picture, text (notes), and WebEye users can add more information to an event.

Note. Once an event is created, it cannot be deleted. It is permanent. There to stay. This is a security feature.

Filtering and Search Events

If you want to find out what is happening at a Center, then selectit and press search.

If you want to limit it by date, then use the Date-From and Date-To fields to refine your search, then press search.

If you are only interested in one type of event (one category) then just select that Category, then press search. For example and very useful, you can select Category 0-Critical  then search. Cleaning contractors may be interested in Slip and Trip events (category 0, code 9), and needle pickups (Category 2, code 9) for example. Filter by Center or all Centers,

View Event details

At the end of each Event shown on the screen is the “View” option. Click on that.

The screen now shows all the details about the event. You can add more notes and pictures, email the event, click on the GPS reference if one was uploaded and see it on a map.

email an Event and all details

Manage Events uses email addresses from the “Manage Recipients” option on the home screen of WebEye. So, prior to emailing an Event, make sure it is up to date with all required email addresses.

Then, in Manage Events, select the event and click on “View” – on the right hand side, select the Recipients, enter a subject and some content information and click “Send” to email the event and all notes.

A check box is provided to send (or not) any images associated with the event.

Adding More Information to An Event

Search your events to find the one you want to add more information to.

For example, a slip and trip injury last week. Select the category, select the event code, select the center and the date then press search. You should then see the event in the list below.

Click on the “View” link on the right hand side.

Presented now is all the information for this Event.

Event GPS Reference Map

Events created by AtSite are saved with the GPS reference that the device is able to read. If the device is in a building, under ground, in an area where the GPS doesn’t work well, then the reference may be inaccurate.

On the “View” Event page, on the right hand side is the GPS reference – shown as a link. Clicking onto it will open a new browser page and show the GPS reference from the device.

Note. Events created in WebEye do not have a GPS reference.

To create a New Event In WebEye

This is very simple. In “Manage Events” click on the “New Event” button – then enter all the details required.

Be careful to select the correct Center,Location, Event category and code. If a mistake is made, these cannot be changed once saved into the database.

When entered, click “Add” and it is all saved.


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