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Pulsars and PipTags

Pulsar and PipTag

These devices are used with the Voyager Radio Wands. They are usually located high on a wall or in a ceiling space. Both send out an encrypted signal that the Elite-ID Radio Wand receives and uses for logging staff attendances.

Pulsars were developed in 2003. They are mains powered and have proven to be remarkably reliable. Since they are mains powered, they do not need any batteries, but the mains they are connected to should not be subject to being switched on and off. The power they require is very low, a few watts at most.




PipTags were developed in 2010 and are battery powered. They also are remarkably reliable, are cheaper than a Pulsar and are easier to install. The battery must be replaced every approx 2 years.

PipTag – Voyager Radoi Serial Number


Range can be factory adjusted (soldering iron required)

Battery life approx 2 years.

Battery clips in using polarized connector

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