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Reducing Time and Effort to Empty Wands

Wands Take 5+ Minutes to Empty When Full

This does not sound like a long time, until you have spent 5 minutes emptying each wand. It feels like a LONG time.

Next, if your wand is full, it cannot accept any more data. So, if it became full in the middle of a shift, it is highly likely you did not record some of your shift.

There Is A Better Way

The best way is to empty your wand every day! The XL-Unloader is a self contained device with its own computer chip and memory.

Emptying a wand daily or every second day will probably take less than a minute. The PC does not need to be connected to the XL-Unloader.

Just touch the wand onto the XL-Unloader and it will be a lot quicker.

Next – staff coming in from end of shift can empty the wands when they return to the office. This makes it far easier.



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