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Replacing A Lost PipTag

Replace PipTag – Elite Reporter

It is not uncommon for a PipTag to be lost or removed from a location. Replacing it can be done easily for the EliteReporter program.

First Step

Always, instal the replacement PipTag where required, connect it and log some data. Then, import the data into EliteReporter or into WebEye. This has the effect of getting the serial number into the system and makes programmiong easier.

Important : find out the serial number of the PipTag. You may need to consult with Elite-ID. If we tested it for you, there will be a note with the serial number on it attached to the PipTag.

Step 2 – Elite Reporter

Ok. You have installed the PipTag. You have logged some data, you have imported the data into EliteReporter. It is likely the data is now in the Error Batches. Use this to program the PipTag.

Repeat, you should import data with that PipTag in it.

Now, to code the PipTag…

  • Go to Data menu, second option, click on Re-Process,
  • Go to the last batch of data on the left hand side. You may have to scroll down,
  • Click on the “+” to expand out the information,
  • Find then click on the serial number line for the PipTag you installed. It will hilight,
  • Click on “Copy” (to the right and up),
  • Click on “Ok”,
  • Click on “Wizard”,
  • Click on “New” (because this serial is new to the system),
  • The Wizard form will be showing. At the top, on the right hand end of the serial number field, click on the small icon. It will paste in the serial for you,
  • CHECK that the serial number is correct. <<– Important
  • Below that, select existing center radio button. Select the Center you are installing at,
  • Below that, select the existing location radio button, select the location you put the PipTag at,
  • Below that, select a date that is before you installd the PipTag, maybe a year prior or more etc,
  • At the bottom of the form, click on “Save” – it will say “saved successfully”,
  • Back at the Error batches, click on “Re-All” to re-process all batches of data (it just select one batch and click on re-Import).


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