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AtSite is an App for your iPod, iPhone or Android Phone

AtSite app is used to record when staff pass beacons. It records the signal from the beacon, along with the date and time then when able, sends the data to Nexus-WebEye in the cloud.

Users of AtSite can also create Events as they are performing their duties. These document work practices and are a worthwhile facility.

How Do We Get Started?

Use the Contact form on this WebEye, email or phone Elite-ID.

We will help you design the best and most cost effective solution for your needs.

What Are Events?

They are a text message and optionally include a photo. They are emailed to someone.

Events are used to record something that happened. For example, cleaning up a spill / graffiti being found / a leaking tap / a special instruction from center management.

Pressing the “Event” button in AtSite lets you enter some text, choose from a list of text items, and add a photo if you want.

Events are a great way to document something, to let supervisors know something happened, to make special information available to others.

How Is Data Uploaded?

Using the internet, WiFi or 3G/4G, data is uploaded by AtSite when able.

This is done automatically and does not require any user intervention.

If the internet is available at all times, data is uploaded in real time.

What Happens When The Internet Is Not Available?

Staff can use the “Off Line Login” function and AtSite will allow logging of beacons and events but will not upload the data to WebEye.

If Internet is not available while staff are recording beacons and events, then the data is stored in the device. It will be automatically uploaded later when internet is available.

Last Updated On October 26, 2018
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