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API Getting Started

Nexus-WebEye API System Getting Started

The first thing to do is contact Elite-ID for the full documentation.

“WebEye_API_System_Overview” – is an introduction to the system

“WebEye_Quick_Start_API_Keys” – is a brief introduction to the API system and some sample API URLs you can copy-paste into a browser to test.

“WebEye_API_System_Programmers_Guide” – Is an in-depth manual going through all the APIs and how to use them.

At first glance the API system to extract data out of Nexus-WebEye may appear complex but after some use it will be come both quick and easy.

The first step – Consult with Elite-ID

Please call. We can discuss your needs, confidentially, and assist with the best possible solution that suits your needs.

We are receptive to adding functionality for our clients.

Second Step – Request The “WebEye API System Programmers Guide”

This has example API calls and explains everything in the system.

There are working API URLs that can be copied and pasted into your browser then used. Your browser will show results from our Demo server.


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