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API Real Time Data Download System

Nexus-WebEye Download Real Time Data API

Clients wanting to build dashboards or alarm type systems can now do so with Nexus-WebEye.

This is real time data so long as your loggers are using WiFi and or 4G data.

USers of NExus-WebEye can now and for example – build a dashboard application that shows the position of staff at any moment of time, or a system that alerts you when a location has not been attended as required any any other applicastion than can use real time staff data.

All are catered for with the Nexus-WebEye API system.

How Does It Work?

Elite-ID will provide you an API key. We have an advanced manual that shows how to use this key.

Your application will then use the key to download data from WebEye. For example, all data up to “now” for today. You can then use it to plot data, to check if locations have been attended and any other application that can use real time logged data.

** Note that the data must be in WebEye for it to be downloaded. For this to happen, logging using WiFi and or a 4G connection is required. This way as staff walk around logging beacons, the data will be uploaded to WebEye and be available as it happens.

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