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AtSite Example Usage Scenarios

AtSite Example Usage

Staff collect their logger at the start of shift. This can be an iPod, iPhone or Android phone

They press ‘Login’ – as the credentials should be locked into the device.

On Apple devices, they press ‘Begin Logging’. On Android it goes straight to logging.

As they perform their duties, Beacons they pass will be logged into memory.

They can use the Event system to take photos and add text messages to record special issues or situations. Events are tied to a Centre, a Location and have a category and code. Some events can trigger an automatic email.

If they have an internet connection, data and events are automatically uploaded to WebEye.

At the end of shift they press ‘Logout’ and then put their loggers onto charge.

Nexus-WebEye Is Used for Management and Reporting

Reports can be run manually of scheduled for automatic delivery.

Nexus-WebEye offers the best analytic reports, along with reports that make understanding your data easier.

In WebEye, all Events can be searched, emailed, new Events added and additional information added to an Event.

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